Manglik Dosh: What does it mean and how does it affect your marriage?

manglik dosha

What is Manglik Dosha? Remedies By Rahul Shastri Astrologer

In Hinduism, the Manglik Dosh is closely linked to marriage. According to astrology, if Mars occupies positions 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th in a person’s horoscope, the person is considered to suffer from Manglik Dosha. Therefore, it is generally recommended that Mangliks marry other Mangliks because otherwise their marriages might suffer adverse effects

Do you know why someone suffers from Manglik Dosh?

To understand how and why Manglik Dosh happens, one must first understand Mars’ defects. According to the vedic tradition, Mars represents anger, power, bravery, and good luck. A person will become angry, arrogant, and powerful if Mars is corrupted in their horoscope. A Manglik who marries a non-Manglik suppresses the other person with passion, anger, and bravery. In a situation like that, marriage can’t work.

Generally, Hindus believe that if a boy or girl has Mangal dosha in their horoscope and gets married to a non-Manglik, then their life partner might die, so they choose a Manglik for their native Manglik.

What are the causes of Manglik Dosh in Kundli?

When Mars is placed in the ascendant, the fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelveth house of the horoscope, it can cause Manglik Dosha. Relationship problems arise when Manglik Dosha is in the first house. The fourth house of Manglik does not bring happiness, money, or success. The Manglik Dosh of the seventh house causes a lot of disagreements and couples don’t understand each other very well. There is also abuse and assault.

Poor relations with the in-laws indicate Manglik Dosh in the eighth house. People with Maglik defects in the 12th house are prone to disease and accidents.

Best Remedies for Mangal Dosha | What are the ways to remove the effects of manglik dosha

Mangal Dosha, also known as Mars Dosha or Kuja Dosha, is a Hindu astrological concept that is believed to cause difficulties and problems in one’s life. The belief is that when Mars is placed in certain positions in a person’s birth chart, it creates Mangal Dosha and brings negativity and obstacles.

However, it’s important to note that astrology is not a scientifically recognized field, and many experts consider it to be a superstition. That being said, some remedies that are commonly suggested to mitigate the effects of Mangal Dosha include:

  1. Worship of Lord Hanuman: It is believed that Lord Hanuman can help alleviate the negative effects of Mars. Devotees can perform Hanuman Chalisa and other rituals dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

  2. Recitation of Mangal Stotra: The Mangal Stotra is a Hindu hymn dedicated to Lord Mars. Reciting this hymn is believed to alleviate the negative effects of Mangal Dosha.

  3. Donating red items: Mars is associated with the color red, and it is believed that donating red items such as clothes, food, or money can help reduce the negative effects of Mangal Dosha.

  4. Wearing a Coral or a Ruby: It is believed that wearing a coral or a ruby can help mitigate the negative effects of Mangal Dosha. The gemstones are believed to absorb the negative energy of Mars.

  5. Performing charitable acts: Doing good deeds, such as helping others and donating to charity, is believed to help balance the negative effects of Mars.

It’s important to remember that astrological remedies are not scientifically proven and should not be used as a substitute for professional help in addressing serious problems. If you are facing any difficulties or problems in life, it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of a qualified professional.