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Make an Appointment with Astrologer Rahul Shastri, Delhi NCR India

Book an appointment with Best Astrologer Delhi for 30 minutes to avail best astro service solution for your day to day astrological concerns. Fetch the Astrologer Contact on our site of for more information about the service and time duration for the astrological consultation with our expert.


To find solutions pertaining to astrology is an easier task as simplified by advanced technology today. Therefore, if any problem concerning astrology that you may seek an immediate answer to, we encourage you to Book an Appointment With Astrologer, Rahul Shastri,He is profoundly experienced in astrology and can provide accurate predictions based on your Personal Horoscope.


The consultation with the astrologer extends for 30 minutes, in which you get to know many important details regarding your Kundali, impacts of Planetary Transits, remedial measures based on meticulous study of your horoscope by our astrologer.Rahul Shastri, Rahul Shastri invites you to meet the Astrologer in person The half an hour (30 Minutes) slot will be fulfilling as his guidelines are authentic and practical.

Why Meet to Our Astrologer?


By booking an appointment with our expert astrologer for 30 mins will enable you to have the face to face consultation wherein your doubts will be cleared in profound way. It is good to clear your doubts instantly and get an effective and instant astrological solution with relevant remedies too as per your personality.

How it works?


1. Share your birth details and ask your queries/problems.
2. Make the payment.
3. We will email to you for reconfirmation of your birth details and face to face meeting appointment.
4. We will discuss face to face your horoscope reading and solutions.
5. If you have any doubts feel free to ask and we will respond 1 by 1 your each and every question.


What 30 Minutes Face to Face Consultation will Contain?

1. Astrological Details of your kundali
2. Current planetary position, dasha, transit and their effect
3. Response to your Questions
4. Accurate remedial measures to deal with your problem
5. Important tips to make situations easier for you

Benefits of Face to Face Consultation

1. You can take smarter, calculated decisions and plan your times ahead.
2. The guidelines will help you to make the right moves and avoid a possible pitfall.
3. The Consultation will help you to note the time period for possible rectification of your concern.
4. You will be confident to take wise decisions since the problems will be handled with ease.
5. Stress due to ignorance will be reduced.