Business Astrology By Date of Birth


Business Astrology is a tool that is used to predict the future of a person and his business, it also can tell about what type of a business a person should opt for, business acumen or aptitude of a person, the challenges that can be faced by person starting a business, suggestions for business expansion, partnerships, etc. It makes use of a horoscope of the person and analysis is done about the business itself.Everyone needs a comfortable and luxurious life which is not possible without a steady source of income. Money can be earned through various ways including a job or a business.

In business, depending on the risk-taking capacity and strategy, people can become rich overnight or witness a slow growth. To convert their pace people seek advice from a seasoned consultant. A Business Astrologer practices Vedic astrology that can help in increasing the source of income from salary and business. Business gives freedom and one can work on their own terms and timings this is the reason that everyone desires to own a business but it actually does not happen.

The reason could be the effect of different planetary combinations and positions, putting a negative impact on the decision making and fate of the business. By now u must be agreeing that business and astrology are closely connected.  

A business astrologer, you can give answers of all your questions related to business by analyzing the business horoscope. Astrology helps in selecting the right business, when to start a new business, whether the business will be successful or not? Time required getting good returns?

There are so many questions that can be answered through business astrology. Rahul Shastri Ji is a business problem solution astrologer who completely analyze business horoscope by date of birth and reads various planetary positions in one’s business horoscope to get an exact picture of your business. Business astrology report can also predict about the good and bad period of the business, thus warning you about various problems.

Business Prediction Astrology


Business astrology by date of birth can act as a best guide and can give an insight on the future of business. Astrology can also predict the future of any individual in a business or joint venture.


In business astrology, Lagna, Nakshatras and Dashas are important. Another important thing is placement of Saturn which is decisive for terms of decision, investment, business or service. A well placed Saturn gives successful business venture otherwise it brings hardships and failure.


Vedic Astrology says that a person is likely to be self- employed, if more than five planets are in sixth house from 7th to 12th or 10th to 3rd. This may not be applicable to every person. For exact prediction planetary combinations have to be studied before coming to any conclusion.

How to achieve success in business?


Success in business is important as in every other field. Business astrology by date of birth uses a perfectly calculated business report by a business astrologer to analyze the horoscope by taking into consideration the strength of your business planets. It is obvious that a person should opt for the business if planets are favoring a proper and powerful business.


Business horoscope can help you to get good advice for the business.  There are 6 parameters considered by business problem solution astrologer necessary to ensure success:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Discipline and mature understanding
  • Selling and marketing
  • Popularity of the brand
  • Leadership and managerial qualities

How Business Astrology Chart helps in Business Success?


The critics may not accept it however astrology can really be helpful in success of any business. Making use of a business horoscope, a business astrologer can carefully study and predict the success or failure of a person and his business. A business astrologer carefully creates a business horoscope by date of birth which is further used to study and predict a lot many things about a business.  


A Business Horoscope is studied in two respects. The first aspect is about the horoscope of the person, and the second is about the astrology of the business itself.It also admonishes you about whether you possess business sharpness or not. After that, it assists you with discovering what sort of business would be the most beneficial for you. Beyond the start of business, astrology also helps you make decisions like business expansion or growing it by any means.


Astrology warns you beforehand if there is a difficult period ahead in business. In fact, I would even go to the extent of saying that with the assistance of point by point astrological advice received from an able business astrologer, you can be sure of business achievement or success.

Can business astrology also provide predictions for small business?


A business astrologer does not categorize a business as small or a magnificent and so he offers equally suitable predictions for both businesses. With the help of a birth chart study he predicts about all what is asked to him.


A well-made business horoscope provides clarity about small business idea that would be suitable for the client in due course. It can save hard-earned money from being lost, by providing accurate indications for a better and profitable business idea. It can also make clear about a person whether he or she possess any unfavorable transit in their planetary positions, or they simply do not possess the right amount of business tactics to the business forward.


Get an accurate business horoscope by date of birth and time.


Successful business astrology will tell you that there are not many significant planets liable for the achieving success in a business. As per astrology there are three important planets for business that brings success. First one is the Moon which indicates the mental or psychological strength required to run a business. Business, in contrast to a job, requires a lot of tolerance and mental strength. The focus and the strength to deal with the circumstance are given by Moon.


The sun is also an important planet which is next on the list after the Moon. A weak sun will give less strength, energy and imperativeness or vitality. Weak sun likewise makes the human body frail or weak. This will be an obstruction for individuals trying to get into a business that requires physical work. Sun also represents the supremacy, power, influence and command needed by a businessman to run and manage the people working for them. 

Then comes the role of Mercury after the Sun. Mercury is the significant in every business and determines intellect, finance and logic. A successful businessman will always use logic over emotion and will be an intellectual.

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